28nm Cross-Domain Flash MCU with Virtualisation for Automotive ECU Integration

Published  February 25, 2019   0
28nm Cross-Domain Flash MCU with Virtualisation for Automotive ECU Integration

Renesas Electronics launched new RH850/U2A MCU with Virtualisation technology which will enable the integration of multiple Application Software with Different Levels of Function Safety in a Single Chip. The new RH850/U2A MCU is designed for the robust function of multiple automotive control applications including body, chassis, domain control, and low/mid-range gateways. The RH850/U2A is highlighted as World’s First MCU with 28nm Cross Domain Flash with embedded flash. The MCU also integrates a hardware based virtualisation which will assist technology that can support up to ASIL D level of function safety.


With the evolution of new E/E Architecture, the 32-bit, RH850/U2A MCU builds on key functions from Renesas’s RH 850/Px Series for chassis control and RH850/Fx Series for body control. The RH250/U2A comes with up to 400MHz CPU cores in a dual lock step structure, 16MB of built-in flash, 3.6 MB SRAM. It also supports communication interfaces such as SGMII-standard 1 Gbps Ethernet communication , CAN-FD interface with up to 16-channels. Each CPU core integrates a hardware-based virtualisation-assisted function.  The MCU includes self-diagnostic SR-BIST(Standby-Resume Bist) functions with minimized current fluctuation rate to support ASIL-D. While maintaining the real time performance required to control the vehicles, the RH850/U2A run concurrently without interference. The new RH850/U2A comes with virtualisation and ASIL D support to increase development efficiency and for autonomous vehicle development strategies.


The key highlights of New 32-Bit RH850/U2A MCU are:

  • Fast real-time performance and hardware-based virtualization-assisted function to speed ECU integration in complex ASIL D compliant automotive-control systems
  • Advanced, Secure OTA Updates with Large Flash Memory Capacities:
  • Expanded Network Connectivity for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems


In terms of availability, the samples of newly launched RH850/U2A will be available  in beginning of Q1 2020. Renesas has also announced the support for both software and a development environment for the RH850/U2A MCU.