250 kHz IMC-Hall Current Sensor for High Accuracy and Diagnostics in Inverters/Converters and Battery Applications


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MLX91216 XHF IMC-Hall Current Sensor IC

Exploring new approaches to extend the ease and accuracy of IMC-Hall technology into high-current measurement for emerging automotive applications, Melexis has come up with a new MLX91216 XHF high-speed current sensor IC. This 250 kHz IMC-Hall current sensor is capable of measuring current to beyond 2000 A and helps in redundant monitoring of battery-management systems (BMS), over-current detection in smart fuses, and measuring phase currents in traction inverters and boost/recuperation inverters. 

The SOIC8 surface-mount sensor allows for a very compact and easy assembly with a shield. The IMC-Hall technology provides the ultimate equilibrium in the mechanical, electrical, and magnetic requirement matching for a seamless SMT manufacturing process. It comes with Melexis’ patented Integrated Magnetic Concentrator (IMC) that enables accurate contact-free measurement of busbar current in combination with a simple U-shape magnetic shield. The sensor features built-in diagnostics, including broken-wire detection and its user-programmable filtering feature helps in adjusting resolution, response time, and bandwidth for optimum signal-to-noise ratio.

Key Features of MLX91216 XHF High-Speed Current Sensor IC 

  • IMC-Hall Technology
  • High Field, Very High Field, and eXtra High Field variants for full-scale current ranges spanning 200 to > 2000 A
  • End-of-line programmable sensor
  • Selectable analog ratiometric output
  • Programmable sensitivity from ±20 to ±350mV/mT
  • Measurement range up to 90 mT
  • Wideband sensing: DC to 250kHz
  • Very fast response time (2µs)
  • High linearity down to ±0.2% full scale
  • Very low thermal drift - Offset drift (<1%), Sensitivity drift (<1%)
  • AEC-Q100 – Grade 0
  • Automotive Qualified
  • RoHS compliant
  • SOIC-8 package

The MLX91216 XHF is AEC-Q100 Grade-0 qualified for automotive applications and operates over the temperature range of -40 °C to +150 °C. It has a wide measurement range from ±25 mT to ±90 mT with linearity down to ±0.2% full scale, 2 μs response time, and high thermal stability with offset drift below 5 mV and sensitivity drift within 1%.

The MLX91216 XHF sensor is available in three versions viz. MLX91216 High field (HF) versions: 200 to 600 A, MLX91216 Very High Field (VHF) versions: 400 to 1200 A, and MLX91216 eXtra High Field (XHF) versions: 800 to 2000 A.

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