New 1-MHz active clamp flyback chipset and industry-first 6-A three-level buck battery charger cut power supply size and charge time in half


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Texax New Flyback Chipsets

Texas Instruments introduces new power management chips that allow the engineers to boost efficiency and shrink the power supply for various industrial and electronics equipment’s.

The new Chipsets operating frequency is up to 1MHz. The UCC28780 active clamp flyback controller and the UCC24612 synchronous rectifier controller helps to reduce the size of power supplies in AC and DC both type of adapters and USB power delivery chargers in half. The bq25910 6-A three-level buck battery charger enables up to 60% smaller-solution footprint in smartphones, tablets and other battery-powered electronic devices.

"Consumers want faster charging in a smaller footprint. These new solutions not only accomplish that but also enable designers to do more than they could before with less power," said Steve Lambouses, TI vice president, High Voltage Power.

Active clamp flyback chipset reaches Modern Efficiency Standards

These chipsets are designed to work with both gallium nitride (GaN) and Silicon (Si) FETs. The UCC28780's advanced and adaptive features allow it to meet modern efficiency standards. UCC28780 with the UCC24612 double the power density at full and light load with maintaining high efficiency. Also, reduce the size up to 50% and gives higher power density than the already present in the market.

  • High Efficiency: Multimode controls, up to 95% efficiency on full load. Engineers can also pair the chipset with a new six-pin power-factor correction (PFC) controller for the designs above 75W, the UCC28056, which is optimized for light-load efficiency and low standby power consumption to achieve compliance with mandatory International Electro technical Commission (IEC)-61000-3-2 AC current harmonic limit regulations.
  • Simplifies Design: Allows the engineers to design their system with a combination of resistor setting and controller auto-tuning.

Three-level buck battery charger enables higher charging efficiency

Bq25910 Enables 50% faster charging with leveraging an innovative three-level power-conversion technology.

  • Reduction in size: Due to having integrated MOSFET and lossless current sensing it helps in reducing the size of the circuit board.
  • Fast Charging: It can charge a standard smartphone battery from empty to 70% within 30 minutes.
  • Flexible System design: Fast charging enables due to a differential battery-voltage sense line by bypassing parasitic resistance in the PCB for more accurate voltage measurements, even if the battery is placed away from the charger in the system.

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