1-Cell Li-ion Battery Protection IC with High-accuracy Overcharge Protection

Published  January 27, 2022   0
R5660 Series one-cell Battery Protection IC

Nisshinbo Micro Devices has introduced the new R5660 Series of one-cell Li-ion/polymer battery protection IC that is designed to provide overcharge, overdischarge, and discharge/charge overcurrent detections. This IC acts as high precision protector for smart-phones and any other electronic gadgets that use on-board Li+/LiPolymer battery.

The R5660 series features a high-accuracy detection at overcharge and overcurrent. Moreover, the supply current after overdischarge detection can be reduced to a minimum by stopping the internal circuits.

Key Benefits of R5660 Series

  • Lower-resistance of Sense Resistor by Overcurrent Detector with Lower-voltage and High-accuracy: Achieving heat reduction on board
  • Low Consumption Current and Low Standby Current: Achieving longer driving time with a battery of small capacity