Home Project- Automated Car Shade (need circuit help)

Submitted by Shurrie on Fri, 06/19/2020 - 23:38


I am trying to design a car shade (the thing you put up in your windshield to block the sun) that is automatic with the press of a button. I have an idea of how it will work and the design, but I am struggling with the circuit.

Here is some background:

The automatic shade will be rolled and unrolled from inside of a casing at the bottom of the windshield with the use of a DC motor.

Don't worry about the logistics of how it will stay up/material/etc, that is not a problem.

Here is the requirements of the circuit:

-When a button/switch is pressed, the motor needs to unroll the shade so that it covers the windshield.

-The circuit needs to stop at a certain point (when the shade is fully unrolled).

-When a separate button is pressed, the motor needs to roll up the shade (turn the opposite direction).

-The circuit needs to stop at a certain point (when the shade is fully rolled up).

-It'll probably just run on batteries.

Here are my ideas:

- Use a small regular DC motor for the turning (with a potentiometer to regulate speed if needed)

- Use a DPDT switch in order to turn on the circuit and be able to change the direction of the motor( the switch settings would be CW, off, CCW)

- Use a 555 timer in monostable mode to control the amount of time the motor will turn (rather than using a sensor to stop the circuit when the shade reaches a certain point)

Here are my issues:

- If the DPDT switch as the trigger of the 555 timer, will i need two separate timers for the two separate directions the switch?

- I don't have a lot of experience using any of these parts, so I'm not sure how I would put the circuit together or if it would even work, a circuit diagram would probably help.

Hi Shurrie, If you ask me, I would have used a microcontroller instead of going the analog way, because it would reduce the circuit dramatically and you can add or remove any functionality that you like.

I would have used a microcontroller like PIC12F675 to do the job, it's cheap it's, easy to acquire, and it's very easy to code.

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Monday at 10:02 PM

Do you have selected the motor spec?

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Hi.. my suggestion is to use a small microcontroller and connect two push buttons. Also use two limit switches to sense the start and end to stop the DC motor. This way will be better.

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For the motor spec, it would be a small and cheap 6-12v DC motor, something like this:



As for the microcontroller, I know that I would be able to program this more easily using timers with an arduino, but I've never used a 55 timer and I am attempting to learn how it would interact with the dc motor and the need of direction change. 


As for the requirements of the circuit I suppose it would be:

Press a button, motor turns (slow/medium speed) for about 10 seconds then stops.

Press a different button and the motor turns the opposite direction for the same speed and time, then stops.


I would power it with whatever battery is needed. 

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Hi, you dont have to use a 555 Timers with arduino, as arduino has its inbuilt timers which you can use to vary the time intervals easily. You can follow the following link for more info:


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I need someone to help me make the windshield to block the sun from the car windshield

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