555 Timer Help

Submitted by Ant on Wed, 12/11/2019 - 03:55

Hello all. So I'm a super beginner when it comes to electronics. I put together a solenoid timer from a design I found online. It works as it should, but I'd like to adjust the timing beyond what it can currently do and have no idea how to do so. This circuit opens and closes a solenoid that I use to inject CO2. With the potentiometer I can adjust how many times it opens and closes. What I want to be able to do is adjust how long the solenoid is open each time it opens. As it is now, its open for a fraction of a second. I've attached the schematic and board that I used to put it together. Any help would be greatly appreciated and remember I'm just a beginner so.........small words :)

Add an 1k pot in series with the R1
Short first two terminals left one and the middle one of the pot and connect it with the OPOT1. Connect the other pin with OPOT2. Hope this will work.

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