Increasing Sensitivity of Antenna/Amplifier Circuit?



I need to boost the sensitivity of a circuit that uses a .22uf capacitor as antenna in a system that is detecting very high (between 700-950 mhz) frequencies. I am using a BC548 Transistor. Here is the video -

If I were to get the best quality transistors and capacitors would this make a noticeable difference? If I was to add an extra strip of wire to the circuit as an additional antenna would this make a difference? Do you have any other suggestions? Perhaps slightly varying the transistor?? 


I have looked at this website but I cannot do the math required (I tried), any general rules of thumbs to go by?



Thanks <3 



so so I looked up some more schematics and I found people saying that a LC358 (I think don't quote me) would work better and bea stronger amp. 


While in the schematics for the above detector shows there being an antenna, i also read that the capacitors were actually acting as the antenna. Is this true? Does the piece of wire simply boost the distance? If this is the case, what about an antenna like the 3G/LTE sticker offered by Adafruit? 


I can get a similar schematic as the one above working when I fully turn on and off my cell phone and it is directly in place with the actual circuit. - I can't seem to get it to work for phone calls or text messages however. Any idea why? How MHz frequency changes from turning off vs sending/calling? 

So if indeed I am working on something close(ish) to the MHz for this circuit, how can I fine tune the signal to being a little higher? Which capacitors/resistors should I change and should they be higher/lower? If i need to add a pot/trimmer ... which one? I've looked all this stuff up but can't quite get the right answer it seems... 


thanks very much for your help! 

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