Timer Circuit design help please!!

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Timer Circuit design help please!!
October 17, 2019 - 5:57am

I have an outdoor strip light from Wide Loyal (120V power supply, 12V circuit, ~11.0W) that I want to put on a conditional timer. Conditions are as follows:

-Indoor light switch turns on and off light

-Proximity switch at gate for when the gate opens, it turns the light on for 2 minutes even if the indoor light switch is off

-Motion sensor at front door (around the corner from where the gate is) that turns on the light for 2 minutes even if the indoor light switch is off

-Circuit will be outdoor subject to -40°C to +40°C temperatures in a moisture proof box

I have seen timer relay boards online, but I want something where I didn't need a seperate 12V supply. Is there such a thing? Forgive me if this request sounds dumb, I am very new to circuit design, but am looking to learn.


Thanks in advance for all of your help!!


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Hi Nick,

I can see two options here, one buy a timer relay module and connect it with your light. this relay will work directly from 110V/220V AC and will be very compact an example would be DT600 (SELEC). You can see how it woks here


OR another cheap way would be to buy an external AC/DC converter and relay module and use with a controller like arduino. The former will be expensive but very reliable 

And no the question was not dumb.