arduino 5 volt to 12 volt

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arduino 5 volt to 12 volt
June 15, 2020 - 11:17am

hallo for one of my arduino projects do i need 12 volt comming out of the arduino i can't put my arduino in a wall socket so i use a powerbank.

but for a motor i need to have 7/12 volt but a batery is low after 1 day zo i need a solution. pleas help me.

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Sorry Sander, i am unable to completely decode your query. But if i am right, you are requiring an isolated device which can be run without wall socket power. If so, then you can use recharge circuitry additionality or like solar power charging to your board if wall socket is not available. You can power your motor and Arduino from Battery then.

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Hi Sander, for any battery powered application, the following points are very crutial

  1. You have to put your microcontroller into a Deep Sleep Mode, otherwise, the micro will suck the battery like a leach.
  2. You have to measure the consumed current and calculate the battery capacity needed for your application. 
  3. If you don't have access to wall power you can use a solar panel as debasis parida said.
  4. If you are thinking about putting a solar panel, you need to account for the voltage drop in the wire also.
  5. You can always use a swappable battery system which, which gives you a low battery indication.


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Anybody have some project where Arduino and small motor what is controlled trought Arduino(, both are powered from Solar panel? Also some link what spolar panel to use?

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Please post your querry in a different thread or post as new.

What is the application and load? Solar panel depends on the battery and driver capacity of the charge controller.