Small Size Radio Frequency Module for long-range Data Communication - XY-WA Interface with Arduino

Submitted by Johan on Fri, 06/04/2021 - 11:16

The above mentiond topic was stumbled upon recently.

What is the range in kilometers this setup can achieve?

I am looking for long range BVLOS data communication for Autonomous flying and ground vehicles.

It doesnt have to be Arduino basaed, I am looking at SBC as controller.

It is 250m range provided bu the LT8920. In kilometers it is only 0.25Km.

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Monday at 02:11 PM

Thank you, 

If I want to get up to 30km range what other hardware would you sugest.

Need to transmit video footage captured, to be processed on more powerfull machine at home base.

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Friday at 11:06 AM

I dobut it that if it is possible or there are any module for such thing. There are multiple solutions in this regards in XILINX. You need dedicated transmitter and reciver that could work on such long range. It is quite difficult to make this using DIY tools or Arduino or ESP32. It may be possible using the Raspberry PI.

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