Repairing Washing machine control board

Submitted by Darry M on Sun, 12/27/2020 - 05:38

Hi. Recently our washing machine broke and for fun I have decided to repair it. The problem appears to be in the control board. Not knowing how to properly test components on the board I did it probably not the way other would do it. With board on my desk I connected it to 240v and using my multimeter I followed the rail until I found a voltage drop. There are 2 large capacitors connected in sequence (250v 560uf). Going in the positive is 240v. But, where they are connected in sequence there is drop to 88v. Is that normal or is that the problem?

Share image of the capacitor... Placements and board... Where you have tested?

560uF 250V is a very large value for a rectified dc source.

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