Audio input to 7-band display

Hey All,

I'm building an audio project which I'm considering adding a 7-band display to, and I'd like to understand what my options are. I know I can use a MESEQ7 and an Arduino to simplify things, but I'm a tinkerer and a learner and I'd like to understand how to build a circuit to simulate this. 

What I'd like is something like a 7-band display built out of WS2812 LED pixels, with a falling peak pixel...I'm sure you've seen plenty of them on YouTube.

I have a simple circuit right now that does what I want, but for a single led strip of  pixels. I'm taking input from an electrec mic amplified with a mosfet and a few other components, and that seems to work fine, but I'm wondering how I would split an audio source into multiple "streams"(?)

 Thanks for any help.


Hi Paul, if i am right, then you want to control the LED strip at different audio frequency.For this, it is good to use MESEQ7 with arduino, using which you can easily split the audio signal into differeny frequency bands and then drive the WS2812 led strips as per your needs.

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