Driving circuit for Large 7 segment Display

Submitted by Nikos on Fri, 11/15/2019 - 01:28

Hello everybody, I could use some help with a project I 'm working on.
I have a up/down counter, to be specific its the Velleman kit K8035.
It 's working fine, but now I have to make it work with Large 7 segment display, KYX-40101AS.
Can anybody help with the circuit I need to drive those Big Display and make them work with the K8035 kit?
Thank You!

Hi Nikos, I think your 7 segment displays must be working on 9V/12V DC power supply.So you can drive their segments using ULN2003 IC and you can easily control the individual segment's power supply using transistors.Hope it helps!!

Regards Debasis

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