Interleaved active clamp flyback converter

Submitted by ashvin on Mon, 11/18/2019 - 18:10

as per the figure we provides a dc voltage as a input to the interleaved active clamp flyback converter block, provide a PWM signal to the MOSFET which is in interleaved block for switching purpose. PWM signal is generated by the microcontroller which has a fix frequency 57 KHz and 50 % duty cycle then we got a output like triangular waveform. actually we will need a output like a given figure so which type of PWM output will be provided to the switching MOSFET, so we got proper output of the interleaved active clamp flyback converter.

Hey Ashvin, its hard to help without knowing your switching topology. What circuit is inside this "Interleaved block"? 

During a DC to AC conversion, it is normal to get a square wave or triangle wave. Are you trying to design a pure sine wave inverter?

Also How did you measure this waveform? During no load? 

You can either use the SPWM technique or a transformer to get a sine wave 

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