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Submitted by Nick on Thu, 08/29/2019 - 18:01

Hi everyone I have an up-cycling project in hand.
The problem I have are two 12v Valeo motors both part number 404.394 (513G)
I can't find any information on line, I have written to the manufacturer of the motors but no reply.
Each motor has two sets of wires emerging from it case.
One set Black & Green
One set Red, White & Black
Thicker tracks on the circuit board suggest the Black&Green wires are the 12v supply.
The motors were each originally capable of Fast or Slow continuous clockwise and fast or slow continuous counter clockwise.
Can anyone give me start please.

From what you are describing I belive that the motor you have is the windshield wiper motors from valeo. Does it have any gear arrangement? Posting a picture will help....

Now to operate it, there will be four wires. Out of which one will be connected to ground/negative supply (mostly black). Of the remaining three wires two will be used for setting speed, like you mentioned slow continous and fast continous mode. The remaining wire (fourth wire) is called a parking switch this wire is powered to bring the wiper motor to default position so that you wiper blades comes back to resting position once you turn the wiper off.

It is really hard to suggest which colour of wire is for which purpose, but you can try by grounding the black wire and powering one wire at a time to the positive terminal. Make sure your power supply is current limited, try testing the motor on a bench power supply and not with a battery so that you can control the output current. 

Let me know how it works 

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Tuesday at 12:29 AM

Thanks for that Aswinth Raj.
No they are not wiper motors. I think Valeo are a big player in the wiper motor marker.
The motors have an integrated gearbox which inturn rotate a base plate and the other identical motor with its gearbox raises and lowers an arm.
They are 12v with two sets of wires emerging from their individual case.
A. Red, Black Whtie wires
B. Black and Green wire.
I'm new on this forum and can't see a way off attaching pictures to a post (Android Smartphone browser) I found several pictures but no details of the wiring. (I googled before posting)

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Thursday at 05:39 PM

Since there is no way to tell for sure. You can try powering the red and black wire with 12V to see what happens. You can try using a regulated power supply to lmit the current so that you dont hurt yourself or damage the motor.

Also motor with gear box are a bit more tricky because if you rotate the motor in reverse direction the gearbox might get jammed 

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Tuesday at 12:29 AM