How do I replace this fuse?

Submitted by Kon on Sat, 08/10/2019 - 07:09


This is from a washing machine. There is potting compound around the fuse. An appliance repair tech on youtube mentioned that he scrapes off the compund and solders a new fuse in.




Hi the fuse holder shown here is not actually meant to be serviced. However it is very easy do it. Just get a similar fuse (by the look of it, I think it is a 5mm*20mm fuse) of the same rating (its written on the fuse). Then you can pop the fuse holder to check if you can remove the fuse and put the new one in. If not you have to follow the youtuber, that is solder the fuse out of the board and replace it with new one. Its pretty easy just make sure you dont make any unecesaary contacts 

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