how to interface hx-53 (IR Transmitter Infrared Sensor Module) with ESP32?

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i  noticed that ESP32 tx2 (pin17) and rx2 (pin16) uses 3.3v based signals. And i want interface an ir sensor module HX-53 with esp32. 

HX-53 data pin connect to tx2 pin, Gnd to Gnd and Vcc to Vin(5v). But as i noticed  HX-53 data input should be based on 5V. So how to solve this problem?

Reference HX-53:

i went through the link and i came to that he HX-53 has a current limiting resistor on the small PCB for the smd LED and for IR LED. The led will glow depends on the IR value. The PCB has the smd resistors which have values:
printed 221 = 220 ohm   = for IR LED
printed 102 = 1000 ohm  = for SMD indicator LED

So if you want then you can change the resistor to a lower value to match the 3.3 Volt output from the ESP32.

Just replace the 220 ohm printed with 221 value with something near 75 ohm resistor to get  the value. 

HX-53 IR Module:


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