Submitted by Elangovan on Fri, 07/05/2019 - 17:00

How many simultaneous WebSocket connections are supported on an esp01 acting as a websocket server in STA mode?

hie, is is possible to connect mutiple websocket connection in esp01. if yes then hw many simultaneous WebSocket connections are supported acting as websocket server in STA mode?


hi elangovan, yes it is possible to add multiple websocket connection in esp01. The default compiled into most SDKs is 5 HTTP or 1 HTTPS connection, but it is possible to change that within limits.
Use  the the SDK functions espconn_tcp_get_max_con_allow() and espconn_tcp_get_max_con() to check the values for the project. 

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It is possible to use multiple websocket connections in specific ESP module. By default connection, use in most SDK versions are HTTP & HTTPS, here 5 HTTP and 1 HTTPS, but we can change it as per out requirements within the given limits. There are SDK functions to set maximum connetions & maximum allowed connections wth the websocket. I would like to suggest you to get further support on this from SSLA. They provides support on IoTs based projects.

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