Bogen DB130 dual rectifier 5y3

Good Morning, I need help finding an old circuit digest schematic from way back in the 1950's.  I saw the exact one on ebay a few months back but missed it. It was titled "circuit digest number 368 david bogen model db130"    It looked like the most correct schematic I have seen thus far....The preious sams papers that I have sourced are not correct for the old audio amp that I'm trying to resurrect.  I inherited it from my father in a succession and remember its excellent sound from my childhood.  I don't want to power it up until a full recap has been done, but someone has been in it previously and some changes have been made.  I want to return it to stock configuration if possible.   Many thanx, Sincerely, Paul Wabnig   (  )

It is good to see someone is asking about decades old  Tube amplifier. It is an excellent amplifier in mono configuration and has upto 70 watt peak with a 35watt continuous output.

Could you provide what are the observations you made?

Is the 6FW5 tubes are changed? What about the paper capacitors?


I am interseted.

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Hello Sourav, The old bogen db130 is fitted with 6av5 push pull outputs.  Some people have changed to the 6fw5, mine however is original  with 6av5.  It has old wax capacitors which must be replaced.  Some of the markings are not readable. The largest electrolytic cap for the power supply is not original and I need to know the correct values for it rather than just guestimating......Many schematics are incorrect .  I need correct schematic for 9 tube model ( 2x 5y3 rectifier ). and the parts list to find correct parts . Thanx for writing, sincerely, Paul    There were spec sheets printed by circuit digest regarding this amplifier back in the 1950's.  I saw one on ebay in the completed listings section about 6 months the search continues.....thanx again

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