running a led using 67 micro watts input from a vimun sc 3012 solar panel

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Hello to all !

I am building a small toy, " a mechanical inverter", an office toy which is spinning quite fast and is able to light a led constant.

The toy is already functional, I didn.t prepared the design yet, just the functionality, but I am not satisfied about how strong that led glows.

Question : Any ideea how to make it to  light stronger using the mentioned input (67 microwatts)  ? (connecting a step up booster/converter/joule thief  it will not work ) 

Input : DC voltage provided by Vimun min solar panel (inside office calculator ) 1,25 V X 0.054 ma 

Output : Dc Voltage through Ac to Dc rectifier 2.08 V ( with the led connected )

Led : from a scanner lamp

VIDEO 1. the motor :

VIDEO 2. the motor test 2

VIDEO 3. the motor - generator


Details : coil 1 - from a old ring bell 230 V 

            coil 2 - from a syncronous motor 230 V ( microwave turntable motor )

            neodymium sphere 19 mm 

           electronic circuit - voltage variator

           Ac to dc rectifier 






Its really intresting to see how you have put togather some commonly available things to make somethign cool. :-)....

I just wonder where you got that sphere neodenium magnets form.. Also in the 2nd test video you seem to cover the solar panel with you hand but yet the sphere rotates how was it possible?

Anyway to make an LED glow from it you would have to get more juice from the panel. I am not sure why you used a generator when you can try powring the LED from the panel itself!.

I also do not know the voltage and current rating of the pannel and since you salvaged it from a calculator I belive you are also not aware of it. In that case you can try doing an MPPT set-up to find the maximum current that could be drawn or simply use another pannel in parallel with this one.

If you want the LED to glow through a generator then you have to increase the voltage of the generator by increasin the speed of the rotation also use a 3mm small led which will require less voltage that the one you have used.

Also what is the open circuit voltage from the generatro in the current set-up?

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