I have a Samsung monitor that will power up but acts like it it is not getting any signal.  I have also tried using an HDMI cable for input.  This is the second one of these that have failed with the same symptoms.  Wondering if they are worth working on.

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There could be a lots of reasons for a blank monitor screen. It would possible to provide a much better answer of you explain few more things. Like when was the last time the monitor worked properly and how did it go blank? Did it show dull screen problems or lines before it went black completely? 

Also when you power the monitor do you get the logo screen or is it blank all together?

Luckily though servicing a LCD monitor is pretty simple (fingers crossed) if the problem is simple. Open your LCD monitor and you will be greeted with two circuit boards. The one which is connected to your power chord is obviously the power control board which converts the AC mains to DC as required by the monitor. Be careful with this board since it has large capacitors which will still have charge even hours after powering down your monitor. 

Carefully remove the board and examine for any damaged capacitors, you can do that by checking for budge or send a pic and I will confirm it for you. IF you find any culprit capacitor then you are lucky, just replace it and your monitor will be functional again. 

Else move on to the other board which is the signal board, and check for any broken connectors. Here it is recommended for you to use a multimeter in connectivity mode to make sure the signal connector pins are all connected proprly.

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