ESP8266 + PIC16F877A Question

A very, very noob question. I'm new to this kind of circuit projects. I might not use the proper terms, so I apologize in advance.
The question is... Is it possible to control PIC16F877A using ESP8266?
The project is a vending machine. So how it works, the user orders from an UI.
By tapping the "BUY" button, it sends the information to a database.
Is it possible to give signal or whatever to ESP8266 to get data from database to get the data that recently added then base on that data send something to PIC to move the motors?
It is possible?
If yes, can you guide me by giving me tutorial can be video or article to make this possible?
If no, how can I make it possible?


Nice idea, yes the project can be done with PIC and ESP8266. But since you are a noob you cant crack it all together I would suggest you start learning from the basics if you want to build it by yourself or get someone to do it for you if you are in a hurry.

Also forums are not the place to ask for video tutorials or code for a project, and i dont think anyone here would help you on that. Forums are indented to help you with technical problems in your projects. So it is very unlikely that you get replied for this thread. 


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Tuesday at 07:57 AM

I'm working with these guys as their programmer. They are the one who setups the hardware stuff, they are graduating engineering students so I'm assuming they know what they are doing. Okay that helps me, knowing that it is possible. Thank you!

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Monday at 02:34 PM