IoT Based Smart Energy Meter

Published  December 19, 2023   


This project focuses on developing a Smart Energy Meter using the ESP32 SoC as the core processing element. The aim is to accurately measure and display key electrical parameters, enhancing energy monitoring efficiency. For AC voltage measurement, the ZMPT101B circuit is used, offering precise voltage sensing capabilities. Current measurement is conducted using the SCT-013 30A current sensor, known for its reliability in capturing current flow. The signal from the current sensor is converted to DC using the AD736 RMS-to-DC converter IC from analog devices. This DC voltage is then measured and converted to corresponding current readings.

The ESP32 MCU plays a crucial role by processing the outputs from both the AD736 and the ZMPT101B circuit. It accurately translates these readings into digital data, representing AC voltage, AC RMS current, and power consumption. All the measured values are then displayed to an OLED screen for easy readout. This Smart Energy Meter is designed to provide real-time, accurate energy consumption data, making it a valuable tool for both domestic and industrial applications. The project aims to contribute to efficient energy usage by offering precise monitoring and data analysis capabilities.

PCB Gerber File

Components Required

Value Manufacturer Digikey Part Number Datasheet Link    Quantity
1UF Samsung Electro-Mechanics CL31B105KBHNNNE   Datasheet 2
1NF KEMET C1206C102KGRAC7800   Datasheet 2
10uF Samsung Electro-Mechanics CL31A106MAHNNNE   Datasheet 6
10nf KEMET C1206C103KCRAC7800   Datasheet 1
0.1u KEMET C1206C104K5RAC7210   Datasheet 1
33uF KYOCERA AVX TPSB336K010R0500   Datasheet 1
100UF KYOCERA AVX TLJA107M010R1400   Datasheet 1
3.5mm Audio Jack Kycon STX-35331-4N-TR   Datasheet 1
10A172℃250V Bel Fuse 5STP 10-RD   Datasheet 1
CONN-TH_2P-P5.00 Phoenix Contact 1935161   Datasheet 1
S8050 Comchip Technology SS8050-G   Datasheet 2
10K YAGEO RC1206FR-0710KL   Datasheet 12
820k YAGEO RC1206FR-07820KL   Datasheet 1
5.1K Stackpole Electronics Inc RMCF1206JT5K10   Datasheet 2
100E YAGEO RC1206FR-07100RL   Datasheet 1
100k YAGEO RC1206FR-07100KL   Datasheet 3
300E YAGEO RC1206JR-07330RL   Datasheet 2
20K YAGEO RC1206FR-0720KL   Datasheet 1
4.7 YAGEO RC1206FR-074K7L   Datasheet 1
0R YAGEO RC1206JR-070RL   Datasheet 1
R_3296-100K Bourns Inc. 3296Y-1-104LF   Datasheet 1
LED0805 ams-OSRAM USA LS R976-NR-1   Datasheet 2
Tactile switch CIT Relay and Switch CS1213BGF260   Datasheet 2
Slide switch C&K SS-12D07-VG 4 NS GA PA   Datasheet 1
LM358BAIDR Texas Instruments LM358DR   Datasheet 1
ESP32-WROOM-32E(16MB) Espressif Systems 1965-ESP32-WROOM-32E-N16CT-ND   Datasheet 1
AD736JRZ Analog Devices AD736JRZ-R7   Datasheet 1
AMS1117-5.0 Diodes Incorporated AZ1117IH-5.0TRG1   Datasheet 1
AMS1117-3.3V Diodes Incorporated AZ1117IH-3.3TRG1   Datasheet 1
TYPE-C GCT 2073-USB4105-GF-ACT-ND   Datasheet 1
ICL7660CSA Renesas Electronics Corporation ICL7660CBAZ-T   Datasheet 1