Building a Raspberry Pi UPS

Published  September 14, 2023   


Accidents can happen, and accidents like sudden power cuts may damage your Raspberry Pi, resulting in lost work or even potential damage to the electronics. Hence using a UPS is always important. When building a UPS, Handling multiple sources of power like a battery and a DC power source becomes difficult. We need to switch power from one source to another to ensure that there is always a smooth source of power supply going to our device, which in this case is the raspberry pi. Special thanks to our sponsor, DigiKey Electronics, for providing the components used in this project.

The process for building the project is too easy. We just need to combine the two IC’s and their associated components together in the design. Print the PCB’s and solder all the components on to it. The two main IC which we used were LTC4089-3 power path controller and LT3759 wide range power booster.

The result of all these efforts were amazing. We built and tested a Raspberry pi UPS which will be used to protect the raspberry pi from any damage due to power cuts and will give time to the user to save their data before shutting down.

PCB Gerber File

Components Required

Value Manufacturer Digikey Part Number Datasheet Link    Quantity
LT3759EMSE#PBF Analog Devices 505-LT3759HMSE#PBF-ND   Datasheet 1
LTC4089-3 Analog Devices LTC4089EDJC#PBF-ND   Datasheet 1
SD101AWS Micro Commercial Components SD101AWTPMSDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
SI2333DS Vishay Siliconix SI2333DS-T1-E3DKR-ND   Datasheet 3
124K YAGEO 311-124KHRDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
15.8K YAGEO 311-15.8KHRDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
7.5K YAGEO 13-RC0603FR-137K5LDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
71.5K YAGEO 311-71.5KHRDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
ASPI0630LR100MT15 Abracon LLC ASPI-0630LR-100M-T15DKR-ND   Datasheet 1
DC Jack GCT 2073-DCJ200-10-A-K1-K-ND   Datasheet 1
LED Lite on INC 160-1447-6-ND   Datasheet 1
0.1uF Samsung Electro-Mechanics 1276-1043-6-ND   Datasheet 3
0.5R KYOCERA AVX 478-KGM15ACG1H101JTDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
100pF KYOCERA AVX 478-KGM15ACG1H101JTDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
100uF Murata Electronics 490-GRM31CD80J107MEA8KDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
10118193-0001LF Amphenol ICC 609-4616-6-ND   Datasheet 1
10k YAGEO 311-10KJRDKR-ND   Datasheet 3
10uF Samsung Electro-Mechanics 1276-1096-6-ND   Datasheet 1
10uH Würth Elektronik 732-7248-6-ND   Datasheet 1
1K YAGEO 311-1.0KJRDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
1M Vishay Dale 541-1.00MAABDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
1R Bourns Inc. 118-CRM1206-FW-1R00ELFDKR-ND   Datasheet 2
1uF Samsung Electro-Mechanics 1276-1043-6-ND   Datasheet 1
2.1K YAGEO YAG3098DKR-ND   Datasheet 1
22nF KEMET 399-C1210C223JDGACAUTODKR-ND   Datasheet 1
22pF KYOCERA AVX 478-KGM05ACG1H220FHDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
22uF Samsung Electro-Mechanics 1276-6687-6-ND   Datasheet 1
27.4K YAGEO 311-27.4KLRDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
34K YAGEO YAG3126DKR-ND   Datasheet 1
4.7uF Samsung Electro-Mechanics 1276-1045-6-ND   Datasheet 3
59K YAGEO 311-59KLRDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
680 Stackpole Electronics Inc RHC2512FT680RDKR-ND   Datasheet 1
BK-18650-PC2 MPD(Memory Protection Devices) BK-18650-PC2-ND   Datasheet 2
RASPBERRY_PI_4B_4GB Raspberry Pi 2648-SC0194(9)-ND   Datasheet 1