Wireless Battery Monitoring System for Lithium Battery Packs

Published  November 30, 2023   


Batteries are everywhere and can be found in many of the day-to-day life equipment. Most of them are powered by Li ion or LIfepo4 batteries nowadays. Even though they need much less maintenance when compared to traditional Lead acid batteries, it is essential to regularly monitor them to avoid damage or even accidents. That’s where BMS comes into play. They not only provide safety but also help extend battery life. But the problem with most common BMSs is that, if we want to manually check the battery health, we will have to physically access it. There are BMS’s that offer wireless monitoring functionality, but the issue is that they are pretty expensive. That’s why we have decided to design and build a DIY wireless battery monitoring system, which can be used with the existing BMS. For this project we have chosen the AD7280 Lithium-Ion Battery Monitoring chip from Analog Devices, and for wireless connectivity we have chosen our favourite ESP32. The AD7280 is capable of monitoring up to 6S battery configuration. Here we have configured it to monitor 4S battery configuration since that’s the most commonly used battery system. The AD7280 offers a 12bit ADC with a conversion time of 1 us per channel. It also features cell balancing function, which can be controlled manually. The ESP32 is used for communication and to host a Async webserver which can be used to monitor the cell voltages and charge levels.

PCB Gerber File

Components Required

Value Manufacturer Digikey Part Number Datasheet Link    Quantity
0.1uf Samsung Electro-Mechanics 1276-1935-1-ND   Datasheet 16
1uf Samsung Electro-Mechanics 1276-1034-1-ND   Datasheet 5
10uf Murata Electronics 490-18663-2-ND   Datasheet 1
10uf Samsung Electro-Mechanics 1276-3387-2-ND   Datasheet 1
SS34 MDD 3372-SS34TR-ND   Datasheet 1
D_Zener onsemi MMSZ15T1GOSCT-ND   Datasheet 4
30V Vishay General Semiconductor SMBJ30A-E3/5B-ND   Datasheet 1
ADP7105ACPZ-3.3-R7 Analog Devices 505-ADP7105ACPZ-3.3-R7CT-ND   Datasheet 2
TXS0108EQPWRQ1 Texas Instruments 296-42401-1-NDD   Datasheet 2
AD7280AWBSTZ Analog Devices AD7280AWBSTZ-ND   Datasheet 2
USB_C_Receptacle_USB2.0 GCT 2073-USB4105-GF-ACT-ND   Datasheet 1
Conn_01x05 JST Sales America Inc. 455-2270-ND   Datasheet 1
60Ohms Murata 490-1058-2-ND   Datasheet 2
RED LED BNDLIGHT 3372-0603RBD0700S01TR-ND   Datasheet 1
Blue LED BNDLIGHT 3372-0603BBD0680S01TR-ND   Datasheet 4
BSS138 Diodes Incorporated BSS138-13-F-ND   Datasheet 4
100K Aillen 3372-CR0603JB100KS1TR-ND   Datasheet 3
470R Walsin Technology Corporation 1292-WR06X471JTLCT-ND   Datasheet 5
1K Stackpole Electronics Inc RNCP0603FTD1K00CT-ND   Datasheet 5
10K Stackpole Electronics Inc RNCP0603FTD10K0CT-ND   Datasheet 18
68R Stackpole Electronics Inc 738-RMCF2512JT68R0CT-ND   Datasheet 8
DDC114TU-7-F Diodes Incorporated DDC114TU-FDICT-ND   Datasheet 1
ESP32-WROOM-E Espressif Systems 1965-ESP32-WROOM-32E-N16CT-ND   Datasheet 1
ADUM3165 Analog Devices Inc. 505-ADUM3165BRSZ-ND   Datasheet 2