Sourav Gupta

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Sourav Gupta
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Iquesters Solutions LLP
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Senior Electronics Design Engineer

My Articles

Nodal Voltage Analysis

Analyzing circuit network is a crucial part in designing or working with pre-designed circuits, which deals with current and...

Mesh Current Analysis

Analyzing a circuit network and finding out the current or voltage is a tough job. However, analyzing a circuit will be easy if...

Hartley Oscillator

In simple terms, the oscillator is a circuit which converts DC power from the supply source to the AC power to the Load....

Flyback Converter Circuit

In electronics, a regulator is a device or mechanism which can regulate the power output constantly. There are different kinds...

Colpitts Oscillator

An oscillator is a mechanical or electronic construction which produces oscillation depending on few variables. We all have...

AC to DC Converter Circuit

In the modern era, almost every household electronics works on Direct Current (DC) but we get Alternating Current (AC) from...