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Sourav Gupta
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Iquesters Solutions LLP
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Senior Electronics Design Engineer

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Kirchhoff’s Circuit Law

Today we will learn about Kirchhoff’s Circuit Law. Before going into detail and its theory part, let’s see what actually it is...

DC Circuit Theory

What is DC?

In elementary school, we learned that everything is made by atoms. This is a product of three particles: Electrons...

Wein Bridge Oscillator

In this tutorial, we will learn about Wein Bridge Oscillator which was developed by a German physicist Max Wien. It is...

RC Phase Shift Oscillator

What is Oscillator?

An oscillator is a mechanical or electronic construction which produces oscillation depending on few...

Active High Pass Filter

Previously we described about Passive High Pass Filter and Active Low Pass Filter, now it is time for Active High pass filter....

Active Low Pass Filter

Previously we described passive low pass filter, in this tutorial we will explore what is an Active Low Pass Filter.


Passive High Pass Filter

Previously we discussed Passive Low Pass Filter, now it is the time to look insight of passive high pass filter.


Passive Low Pass Filter

This tutorial is about Passive Low Pass Filter, a widely used term in Electronics. You will hear or use this ‘technical’ term...