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Clap Switch

Clap switch is an interesting hobby circuit which turns on the lights with a clap sound. Although its name is “Clap switch”,...

Rain Alarm

Rain alarm is an application which detects the rain water and blows alarm. They are useful devices and play an important role...

Fire Alarm using Thermistor

Fire alarms are prime necessities in modern buildings and architectures, especially in banks, data centers and gas stations....

Door Bell using IC 555

Doorbell is a very common and useful device used in every household. Among electronics students and hobbyists, doorbell circuit...

Simple Fading LED Light

You should have seen LEDs glowing and fading in a LED Strip lights, used for decoration in festivals and functions. They look...

Tic Tic Sound using IC 555

This is a 555 timer IC based fun circuit which generates a sound of loud clicking clock. It is quite simple circuit designed by...

Simple LDR Circuit

Here we have explained a dark detector circuit by using 555 timer IC and a LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) which senses the...