Wearable Device with Ultra-Wideband Technology Enable Users to Maintain Safe Social Distance

Published  May 21, 2020   0
Lopos- SafeDistance Wearable Device

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, adhering to social distancing guidelines set by international health experts is crucial for everyone. To help people maintain proper distance and limit the spread of the virus, Imec spin-off Lopos and Ghent University have together developed the SafeDistance wearable named Lopos.

The SafeDistance wearable is an intuitive solution that is based on the Lopos ultra-wideband (UWB) technology that originated from R&D at imec and Ghent University. This technology enables a safe, highly accurate (< 15cm error margin) distance measurement. When two wearables approach each other, the exact distance between the devices is measured and an alarm is activated when a minimum safety distance is not respected.

Endorsing social distancing guidelines in a professional environment, the wearable supports companies in remaining active and safely restarting in-person activities cautiously. Employees can easily carry the wearable via a clip on the hip or a lanyard and rest assured that they are working within a safe distance. The best part is that it works as a standalone solution, no gateway, server, or another infrastructure is required. Moreover, no personal data are logged.

The production of this SafeDistance device has now been ramped up to meet market demand and it will be available from May 27 with the price range starting from €99 per device without any recurring cost.