TI revolutionizes automotive headlight systems with new high-resolution DLP® technology


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DLP headlight system

Sophisticated new adaptive driving beam headlight technology enables automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to enhance driver visibility and communication


Texas Instruments presents Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology for high-resolution systems at CES 2018 show. It is the only programmable chipset in the market with the highest resolution of more than one million pixels per headlight, which is 10,000 times more than the existing ADB technologies resolution. By ADB solution the Automakers and Tier-1 are designing headlight systems that allow maximizing the brightness on the road, also with minimizing beam to oncoming traffic or reflection from retroreflective traffic signs.


But the new DLP technology solution can work with any light source like LED or Laser illumination and allows the engineers to manage the light distribution for roads with customizable beam patterns and also have the ability to half or fully dim the individual pixel using this solution.


Allows the Automakers and Tier-1 to not sacrificing with styles as they are able to create headlight system that pair with programmable software and smaller optics. Which helps the driver to use their headlights at the time of operating their vehicle without affecting other drivers.


To transform headlight systems into a new communication channel, Automakers and Tier-1 are able to make it possible with this chipset, by projecting useful information on the road, which helps to increase communication between drivers, pedestrians, and other driving vehicles. Fulfill future communication requirements needed for self-driving vehicle system.  


For getting high-resolution headlight system, started sampling and designing with the DLP5531-Q1 chipset, and it gets widely available by the 2nd half of 2018. 

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