Sound-Based Data Transmission Reference Design for Smart-Enabled Devices


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Sound-Based Data Transmission Reference Design for Smart-Enabled Devices

Chirp, the pioneer of data-over-sound technology, and DSP Group, a global leader in wireless chipsets for smart-enabled devices, announced the Chirp SDK reference design for sound-based data transmission. The design kit combines Chirp’s ultrasonic signaling protocol for smart-enabled devices with DSP Group’s SmartVoice technology to allow frictionless connectivity between nearby devices without requiring any set up, pairing, or configuration.


Chirp’s ultrasonic machine-to-machine communications software enables any device with a loudspeaker or microphone to exchange data using ultrasonic sound waves. The technology sends data seamlessly using sound waves to enhance end-user experiences and add value to existing hardware. 


As a general-purpose data transport layer, the Chirp SDK can be applied in a wide variety of solutions including presence detection, interactive toys, smart home devices, and more, providing additional value to the existing capabilities of a myriad of smart-enabled consumer devices. As a software-defined solution it  provides seamless connectivity at scale, often without requiring changes to a product’s existing bill of material (eBOM) if audio IO is already present. 


Integrated with DSP Group’s chipsets as a device-provisioning solution, Chirp’s data-over-sound technology is able to bring an offline device onto a wireless network in a single step. In this scenario a configuring device, often a user’s mobile phone, encodes network credentials into an ultrasonic signal using the SDK. The signal is then received by the offline device’s microphone and the credentials decoded, allowing it to then connect directly to the network. This creates a frictionless, one-step user experience by eliminating lengthy, manual provisioning procedures. 


With easy implementation into DSP Group’s chipsets, the result provides a robust and cost-effective connectivity solution for third-party OEMs of smart-enabled devices without adding to their eBOM. Additionally, the SDK functions completely offline without requiring network access of any kind, and without recording or storing any audio or audio metadata on the device.


“Partnering with DSP Group to extend the use of data-over-sound for smart consumer applications underscores the power of sound as a versatile and cost-effective means of enhancing connectivity. As smart audio and voice assistant devices become ubiquitous, the impact here is only set to expand,” said James Nesfield, CEO of Chirp. 


“We are delighted to increase the footprint of our technology with DSP Group. Working alongside industry partners, we will continue to demonstrate the far-reaching advantages and benefits of audio-based data transfer for CE device manufacturers and users alike,” said Nesfield.


“Audio is at the forefront of modern smart-enabled technology and we are constantly innovating on behalf of our customers to extend its application,” said Yosi Brosh, CVP, SmartVoice Product Line of DSP Group. “Chirp’s data-over-sound technology can easily be deployed on our voice processors to provide our customers both a quick scalable solution for device setup and configuration, as well as more options to take advantage of ultra-wide-bandwidth sound sensing, detection, and processing in the smart home. As such, we are excited and look forward to working with Chirp and our customers to take full advantage of this new capability.”


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