Smart Helmet with Nano OLED Heads Up Display for 100% Image Transparency and Crisp Colors


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EyeRide HUD Smart Helmet with Nano OLED Heads Up Display

EyeRide HUD is a revolutionary connection system for helmets launched by a French company, EyeLights. Created by ex-BMW and Airbus optics and photonics Ph.D. engineers, it is a patented all-in-one device with heads-up display (compatible with all types of motorcycle helmets), GPS, hands-free kit, and voice command (to keep your eyes on the road) and comes endowed with cool features to enhance your riding experience.

The display can provide users with directions and caller information and it is controlled by voice commands. The device has the smallest Nano HD OLED technology integrated into it. It offers 100% image transparency and crisp colors, brings 3000 nits brightness (that’s 3x better than iPhone against the sun), saves 4.2 seconds of reaction time while using HUD technology instead of a smartphone. Not just that, it consists of an outer control unit that mounts on the side of your helmet, as well as a small projector unit that mounts inside your helmet, just above one eye.

Nano OLED Heads Up Display

The system uses an externally mounted control and Bluetooth 5.0 unit that links to the user’s phone. It is compatible with mapping apps like Waze and Google Maps, Garmin HERE mapping system. The route, the turns, and all the other information are displayed to the user via a transparent Sony built OLED screen. For group communication, the unit also uses Discord instead of Bluetooth, thereby making the scope for having a greater number of riders in a group talking is higher.

With Google Maps and Plans displayed (bright and transparent) in your line of sight, it helps the rides stay focused. The 55mm 99dB flat speakers and directional microphone ensure a powerful sound experience and connectivity with other riders. Spotify and Youtube music is available. EyeRide has passed US, EU, and CA regulations to make sure you get the protection you need while riding. The helmet is currently under production.  

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