Smart glasses can convert text into sound for visually impaired


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OTON smart glasses

OTON Glass is a smart glass developed for people who have difficulty reading letters. It’s a pair of glass, used to convert text into audio for those which are suffering from visual impairment.

The lens has two part, half of it is a mirror used to reflect the wearer’s eye back to the first camera, which follows eye movement. That camera detects the blinking of the eye, while the second one captures the text. By blinking the eye wearer can able to trigger the glass and can convert the text into audio by staring on the text they can’t read.


How OTON GLASS works in real time?

The technique by which OTON GLASS reads letters is as follows.

1. With the help of Raspberry pi the captured images by OTON GLASS send to a Raspberry Pi based cloud system

2. Extract the characters included in the picture with the image recognition engine available on the cloud

3. Correspondingly, the audio synthesis engine converts characters into audio data

4. The audio data then downloaded and received or listened by the wearer through the earpiece attached to the OTON glass.

* To use, you need to connect to the network.


Note: If the system is unable to convert the words, the images are then sent to a remote worker who can decode them.

OTON smart glass Concept

The Verge notes that the OTON Glass is similar to the Google translate, except we not need to take out our phone and swipe over text. OTON glass is much easier in use. We all know that the smart glasses aren’t a new concept, but it’s hard to point to any of smart glasses that people are reviewed favorably. Intel’s Vaunt smart glasses which is already present in market stripped out some feature, but they are quite expensive. Relatively, the OTON glasses are lower in price and are more attractive to those who want a reasonable way to understand the text around them.


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