Samsung aims to make all its IoT devices intelligent by 2020


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Samsung vision for IoT Experience

Samsung announced in CES 2018 for its vision and strategy towards IOT (Internet of Things) experience. At the time of press conference, they demonstrated its unique ability to make all Samsung products IoT based by 2020, as the company plan to adopt advance IoT through the open, consistent and intelligent platform.


“At Samsung, we believe IoT should be as easy as flipping a switch. With the new products and services announced today, we’re making IoT easier and more seamless,” said Hyunsuk (HS) Kim, President, Head of Samsung’s Consumer Electronics Division and Samsung Research. “We’re committed to accelerating IoT adoption for everyone and making all Samsung connected devices intelligent by 2020. These advancements will help consumers realize the benefits of a seamless and simple connected life.”


Make IoT usable for everyone


The IoT concept of Samsung is built on open innovation which allows it experiences by more people. The innovation over IoT till now is hard to adopt in daily life as it is quite complex for use, to make it adaptable it requires to build over the open platform. For this, Samsung started working with partners such as Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and Samsung’s ARTIK chip, family hub refrigerator and air conditioner are already certified by the association for interoperability criteria needed for IoT.


By March 2018, Samsung will combine its IoT application which includes Samsung connect, Smart home, and more into the SmartThing apps to connect and control anything enabled with SmartThing directly by their smartphones, TV and car from a single application and also going to connect HARMAN ignite to the SmartThing so the consumer is able to access their connected home from car and vice versa.


Samsung going to enable its IoT devices via Bixby so the user can control the device by voice helps in making the task easier. As the connectivity is increasing we have look forward to the security too, so for this Samsung incorporated with its trusted Samsung Knox Technology into its smart connected devices. KNOX technology provides hardware security system and firmware updates to make devices protected.


Establishment of Smart future


For the brighter or smart future, Samsung invested $14 billion on R&D and will open AI centers in Toronto, Montreal, Cambridge (UK) and Russia in 2018.


Some products and services showed at CES 2018 by Samsung, shows the effort of Samsung moving towards future in IoT.


  • Smart Home: Combining all Smart devices in home like refrigerator, TV and other comes with various smart features.
  • Smart Office: Smart portable charging system for devices like Samsung Notebook 9, 55 inches Smart and digital flip chart able to connect with group members, smartphones and notebook for faster content and idea sharing.
  • Telecommunication: Going to provide 5G network, as collaborated with different wireless carriers and broadband providers to provide first customer experience with 5G connectivity up to 100 times faster than the 4G LTE. The new dashboard provides controlling via voice, touch, gesture, and content-based triggers for the connected smart devices, with a faster downloading, uploading and streaming data access.

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