Renesas Updates R-Car V3H System-on-Chip (SoC) with Improved Deep Learning Performance to Meet Latest NCAP Requirements

Published  February 11, 2021   0
R-Car V3H SoC with Integrated IP

The popular R-Car V3H SoC with integrated IP for Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) from Renesas Electronics Corporation has lately been updated with improved deep learning performance to meet NCAP 2020 requirements. The updated SoC combines sensor fusion on the real-time domain with up to ASIL C metrics and architecture optimized for smart computer vision.

The updated SoC provides R-Car V3H customers a flexible, easy, and cost-effective path to higher computer vision performance for next-generation front camera systems. It offers OEMs and Tier 1s a high-performance, low-power solution that supports the latest NCAP requirements as well as the roadmap to NCAP 2025 3 Stars at competitive system costs.

Compared to the earlier version, this updated R-Car V3H SoC achieves up to overall 7.2 TOPS processing including all computer vision IPs while maintaining low power consumption levels. The device features a suite of proven IPs that support the perception stack, sensor fusion with radar and/or Lidar, and ISP with up to 8 MP camera support, enabling OEMs and Tier 1s to achieve quicker time to market with the lower bill of materials costs.

Notable Features of R-Car-V3H System-on-Chip (SoC)

  • Delivers up to 7.2 TOPS, including 3.7 TOPS for CNN, with optimized performance-to-power balance

  • Supports ASIL D development process for the systematic capability for the full SoC

  • Supports metric targets for ASIL B (sensor layer, application processors) and ASIL C (real-time domain) safety goals

  • Full hardware and software compatibility with the currently mass-produced R-Car V3H SoC

  • Integrates a full set of automotive peripherals including CAN, Ethernet AVB, and FlexRay

  • Features a full set of video processing and image recognition IP for advanced sensing and recognition, including CNN-IP, Computer vision engine, Image-distortion-correction IPs, Stereovision, Classifier, and Dense Optical Flow.

The customers can combine the updated R-Car V3H SoC with the company’s high-performance low-power RH850 MCU, integrated power management ICs, and power transistor devices to access the key components required for complex safety compliant systems. Mass production of the updated R-Car V3H is planned for the first quarter of 2022.