Renesas Gas Sensor ZMOD4410 used in Smart Cooking Sensors to Monitor Indoor Air Quality during Cooking

Published  February 19, 2020   0
Renesas Gas Sensor ZMOD4410

Renesas Electronics has announced that its ZMOD4410 gas sensor is at the heart of the Safera Sense smart cooking sensor to measure if the airborne concentration of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and CO2 in the users’ kitchens are at unhealthy levels. ZMOD4410 was chosen by Safera because of its excellent accuracy, high reliability, and low power operation for smart cooking applications.

The ZMOD4410’s combination of programmability, best-in-class stability, and sensitivity in measuring VOCs makes it the best solution for a wide range of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) applications such as smart thermostats, air purifiers, smart HVAC equipment, and other smart home devices. ZMOD4410 has been designed with a proven metal oxide (MOx) material, each sensor is tested both electrically and chemically to maintain consistency from lot to lot which is an important advantage for manufacturers with long production runs. The gas sensor can even withstand siloxanes for superior reliability use in harsh applications.

Apart from VOC and CO2, Safer Sensor can also measure the humidity level and concentration of airborne particles, which can be easily inhaled and absorbed in the lungs. Placed above the cooktop, the Safera Sense warns users of bad indoor air quality (IAQ) by sending alerts to their smartphones and displays a warning light on the device. For more information about ZMOD4410, visit the official website of Renesas Electronics.