Nichia and Infineon Launch Energy Efficient Micro-LED Matrix Solution for Adaptive Driving Beam Headlights

Published  January 4, 2023   0
S Staff
Nichia Infineon HD Matrix Light Solution

Nichia Corporation and Infineon Technologies have developed a high-definition micro-LED light engine for adaptive driving beam headlights. The 16,384 pixel micro-Pixelated Light Solution (µPLS) offers a wider field-of-view and improved detection of hazards on the road due to its high-definition resolution and high light output. It also has an integrated LED driver IC, which activates only the necessary LEDs for a given light pattern, making it more energy efficient than current HD matrix lighting options.

The µPLS uses Nichia's micro-LED technology and an integrated LED driver IC from Infineon, which can drive all 16,384 micro-LEDs individually using pulse-width modulation control. The driver IC also monitors and provides temperature control for each micro-LED, and integrated video interfaces enable the high-speed transmission of video signals.

The new light engine allows for smaller and slimmer headlamp designs in the future, and can be digitally programmed at the factory or activated on demand by the vehicle manufacturer or driver. It also significantly reduces design and production complexity for vehicle manufacturers. The technology will be implemented in a German premium vehicle in 2023.