Next-Generation Cognitive AI Platform to Improve Vehicle Safety

Published  July 9, 2021   0
Next-generation cognitive AI-driven road safety platform

HERE, the mapping specialist in collaboration with an embedded real-time platform for aggregating on-board data, Nexyad has developed the next-generation cognitive artificial intelligence-driven road safety aid. This joint venture has led to the aggregation of extensive data sources in a vehicle in real-time and interpretation is done to assess whether a certain driving behavior is appropriate given the surrounding context. The assessment uses four sets of data viz. HERE map, Global Navigation Satellite System, electronic horizon, and acceleration, and the assessment detail is delivered to the driver’s mobile phone. 

The next-generation cognitive AI- driven road safety platform is scalable and can aggregate data from ADAS sensors to include camera, radar and LiDAR, weather (visibility and temperature), and traffic data. 20 times every second, the platform sends two output values viz. lack of caution by the driver and the maximum speed recommended given the road conditions, including the legal speed limit, road roughness, topography of the road, weather, and traffic.

The analysis made by Nexyad is based on previous road accident reports, using a set of rules from modern hybrid AI that includes knowledge-based systems, deep learning, neural gas, ‘possibly approximatively correct’ learning, game theory, reinforcement learning, possibility theory, and fuzzy logic. The platform provides drivers with a score that reflects the risk associated with their driving behavior and can be used by insurers to assess risk. SafetyNex safety coach from Nexyad acts as a co-pilot for offering advice and can reduce accident rates by at least 25%.