u-center 2: Next Generation GPS Evaluation Software for exploring u-blox GNSS Solutions


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u-center 2 Software

u-blox has launched u-center 2, the next generation popular GPS evaluation software that offers advanced features to explore leading u‑blox positioning technologies. This highly intuitive GNSS receiver evaluation software runs on Microsoft Windows enables tenth-generation u‑blox GNSS technology users to configure GNSS products, evaluate their performance, improve the quality of their software, and enhance the performance.

u-center 2 is the successor to u‑blox u-center GNSS evaluation software and is fully compatible with the latest u‑blox M10 GNSS technology. It provides personalized workspaces with adaptive window elements offering a choice of views to observe the static and dynamic behavior of the connected GNSS receiver. It enables users to evaluate u blox M10 GNSS products.

The built-in log player of the software features easy message and time-based navigation and enables users to set the playback speed, making the development of end products efficient. Automatic updates ensure that the software always includes the latest features with minimal user effort.

Key Features of u-center GNSS Evaluation Software

  • Fully compatible with u‑blox leading positioning technologies
  • Quick product configuration for key use cases
  • Flexible user interface with personalized workspaces
  • Powerful logging functionality for efficient development support
  • Easy evaluation of u‑blox GNSS services

u-center 2 has been tested on Windows 10 (64 bit) platform and enables users to evaluate u‑blox M10 GNSS products. 

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