New Smart Shot Camera Adds Power of AI-based Image Recognition to Ultra-Low-Power IoT Endpoints


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RSL10 Smart Shot Camera from On Semiconductor

Combining cloud-based AI with ultra-low-power triggered image capture, the new RSL10 Smart Shot Camera from On Semiconductor enables next-generation IoT imaging applications including surveillance cameras, restricted areas, factory automation, smart agriculture, and smart homes. The platform is based on the RSL10 SIP and ARX3A0 CMOS image sensor and features multiple trigger modes including time, motion detection, and environmental sensor triggers (e.g. changes in temperature and humidity).

The camera platform can operate in low power mode while monitoring a specific part of its field of view, automatically taking an image when the scene's contents change. The image can be sent to the provided mobile application over Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing for connectivity to cloud or AI recognition services. Additionally, the RSL10 Smart Shot Camera comes with a smartphone application that provides a user interface for the platform and acts as the gateway to cloud-based, AI-enabled object recognition services. 

Connected to an Image Analytics/AI engine, located in the cloud, the app can easily detect and identify objects using an AI cloud service and return the captured image, along with the list of identified objects and confidence levels. It enables developers to access a variety of features including cloud connectivity, remote configuration of sensors (thresholds and default settings), and change the image capture trigger modes.  

Key Features of the New RSL10 Smart Shot Camera

  • Supports multiple image capture trigger modes: Periodic (1 second to 1-minute intervals), continuous video-like stream with less than 1 frame/s on BLE5.0 and above on compatible mobile devices, proximity detection, acceleration trigger, environment change trigger.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity (Bluetooth 5) enabled by the RSL10 SIP: Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updates
  • Small form Factor (55 x 65 mm)
  • Advanced 360 fps imaging provided by the ARX3A0 Mono 65° DFOV IAS Module
  • High sensitivity at both visible and NIR wavelength
  • Super low power (3.2 mW)
  • Auto Exposure featured enabled during image processing          
  • Comes with RSL10 Smart Shot Mobile App
  • Cloud connectivity to Amazon Web Services
  • Image Analytics/AI Engine to detect and identify objects within an image
  • Unprecedented ultra-low power consumption (Standby and Active Mode ) for battery life >1 year
  • Multiple powering options (USB or rechargeable Li-Ion batteries)

The RSL10 Smart Shot Camera (SECO-RSL10-CAM-GEVB) is available now through ON Semiconductor sales representatives and authorized distributors.

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