New Prototype “Robocar” with Second-Generation AI Chip designed for Autonomous Driving


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Baidu' Robocar with Second-Generation AI Chip Kunlun 2

Baidu has launched its second-generation artificial intelligence chip “Kunlun 2” and its first “robocar”, a driverless EV idea designed to focus on the chip’s autonomous driving capabilities. The new AI Chip makes use of 7nm course of technology and has a computational functionality shut to 3 occasions bigger than its first-generation Kunlun chip. The semiconductor is designed to help devices process huge amounts of data and boost computing power and can be used in areas such as autonomous driving.

The "Robocar," is an autonomous car with Delorian style swinging doors and a big screen in the interior to keep steering wheel-deprived passengers entertained. Baidu unveiled little in the way of spec for the vehicle, and it's possible that the prototype may never be mass-produced and may just serve as a cool concept to highlight the unveiling of the Kunlun 2 chip.

Kunlun AI chip is optimized for cloud-to-edge computing tasks, three years ago. At the time, it claimed the 14nm chip provided 1.5 to three times more processing power than NVIDIA's comparable T4 GPU for AI tasks. The company revealed that the Kunlun 2, could offer three times more processing power than its predecessor, and its plans to mass produce the new chips in the second half of 2021.

Baidu started mass producing Kunlun chips through its eponymous subsidiary in 2020, and it had installed nearly 20,000 of those chips to power its search engine and other applications by last September. 

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