New LoRa based Location tracker to Prevent Asset Loss and Theft


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New LoRa based Location tracker to Prevent Asset Loss and Theft

Alibaba Cloud has released a new Internet of things (IoT) enabled location tracker. This new location tracker was named “Beagle” and it is based on Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN Protocol. This Beagle tracker can give you an accurate location tracking without the help of GPS and it is simplified for the use of people who don’t have much experience in the Internet of Things (IoT).


With the help of LoRaWAN’s extensive networking capabilities, it enables flexible geo-location tracking solution that can be used for an abundance of applications both in china and abroad. The Tracker is a part of the Alibaba LinkWAN developer platform, along with the advantages of LoRaWAN protocol and Semtech’s 2.4G LoRa chip, the tracker will provide a consistent geo-location data without the need of a GPS system, a cellular or any other additional connectivity. This is the feature that helped to simplify the usage for people who don’t have much experience on the Internet of Things (IoT).


The Beagle tracker can provide you up to 2,000 meters of point-to-point location tracking for both indoor and outdoor uses. It is built with Semtech’s SX1280 LoRa chipset, which allows it to perform extensive geological functionality without depending on base stations, cellular networks, cloud services or internet connectivity. The complete Beagle tracking solution has multiple advantages that can be helpful in various applications such as personal and asset management, small device loss, theft prevention and enhanced pet and child monitoring.


The tracker can be deployed in less than a minute and delivers real-time and reliable geolocation data. It helps the user with simplified access to their asset location in real-time and the enhanced coverage can help in combat asset loss and theft, saving customers money.

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