New Intelligent Sensor Solutions with Embedded AI designed for IoT Applications

Published  June 24, 2022   0
Intelligent Sensor Solutions

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced a new HS4XXX family of relative humidity and temperature sensors along with the new ZSSC3281 sensor signal conditioning (SSC) IC designed for highly accurate amplification, digitization, and sensor-specific correction of sensor signals. The new HS4XXX family sensors provide high accuracy, fast measurement response time, and ultra-low power consumption in small package size, making them ideal for a wide number of applications ranging from portable devices to products designed for harsh environments.

The new ZSSC3281 SSC is suitable for bridge and half-bridge sensors, as well as external voltage-source element and single-element sensors powered by an on-chip current source. It includes a two-channel analog front end as well as an integrated ARM-based MCU with embedded mathematics for sensor signal processing and targets high-end applications including industrial, medical, and consumer sensing. Moreover, this IC provides measurement value readouts and programming capabilities via an I2C, SPI, or one-wire interface (OWI).

Key Features of ZSSC3281 Sensor Signal Conditioning IC

  • Highest performance with flexible analog front-end configurations

  • Dual-speed mode for highest accuracy combined with fastest update rate

  • 2 ADC’s running in parallel with up to 24-bit resolution

  • Enables broad use for different sensor elements with multiple characteristics

  • Measurement scheduler for optimized performance

  • Advanced interrupt and diagnostic functions

  • Digital interfaces including I²C, SPI, and One Wire Interface (OWI)

  • 4-20mA current loop output, OWI communication via current loop