IoT Based Measuring Device for Apparel Industry from Fujitsu


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 IoT Based Measuring Device for Apparel Industry from Fujitsu

Fujitsu has announced that it will begin the sales of a new IoT based measuring device for the apparel industry, this new device is designed in a way to improve the efficiency of apparel sizing and measurements. Along with the device they are also providing a companion app that can record the information about the measurements taken by the device. The measured data can be transferred to the companion app via Bluetooth and can be viewed in the form of a windows application such as Excel or Notepad.  Apart from the apparel industry, it can improvise the efficiency of other industries that needs measurements and goods inspection.

IoT based measuring device

The measured data can be transferred to the Bluetooth paired PC by just pressing a button on the device. The input will be updated automatically each time when the button is pressed, hence the human errors can be eliminated. By reading the special pattern printed on the back of the tape, measurements can be made in units of one millimeter. Rewinding the measurement tape isn’t necessary when you are taking measurements continuously, this help the user to take measurements easily and quickly.

Product Name

Pricingtax separate


IoT Measure hakaruno

352 USD/Unit

September 19

IoT Measure hakaruno for Win

Monthly Price: 5 USD/measuring unit

September 19


The companion app is currently available only for PCs, Fujitsu has planned to release the app supportable in smart phones (iOS, Android) in the future, and by the end of 2020 they have targeted to sell 30,000 units of this device.

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