Integrated Reference Design Enables Automotive Camera Systems to Deliver Low-Cost, High-Quality Video

Published  September 14, 2021   0
Integrated Reference Design for Automotive Camera Systems

Renesas Electronics and OmniVision Technologies together have introduced an integrated reference design for high-definition automotive camera systems.  Featuring Renesas’ New Automotive HD Link (AHL) Technology and OmniVision’s OX01F10 1.3MP SoC, this integrated reference design is capable of providing superior imaging performance in terms of video quality across a wide range of challenging lighting conditions while lowering down the power consumption.

The new RAA279971 AHL encoder and RAA279972 decoder use a modulated analog signal to transmit the video, enabling transmission rates 10 times less than required to transmit HD signals digitally. Offering low transmission rate, this new reference design enables unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables and standard low-cost connectors to be used as existing traditional analog video cables and connectors.

The 1.3MP OX01F10 provides automotive designers with excellent imaging performance across a wide range of challenging lighting conditions, supporting HDR up to 120dB and high-performance ISP. The sensor features ASIL-B, which targets cost-effective solutions, along with the most compact form factor and lowest power consumption. It employs dual conversion gain (DCG) technology to achieve high dynamic range with only two captures thereby minimizing motion artifacts while reducing power consumption and boosting low-light performance. The reference design will be demonstrated at OmniVision’s booth # 15 at the upcoming AutoSens Brussels 2021 Exhibition, September 15-16.