India’s First AI Powered Autonomous Anti-Drone System Has Been launched: Find Out Key Features

Published  September 8, 2023   0
S Staff
Indrajaal-Anti Drone System

Indrajaaal has been specially designed to protect against all kinds of autonomous drone attacks over an area of 4,000 square kilometers

A cutting-edge autonomous anti-drone system, dubbed Indrajaal, has been unveiled by a home-grown robotics company headquartered in Hyderabad. Backed by artificial intelligence, this top-notch system protects key installations such as oil rigs and nuclear and apart from that, it also protects a huge area in the entire city from various types of drones.

According to the company, this innovation is the first of its kind in the country. This sophisticated full-spectrum drone security system was showcased in the outer regions of the state. As per media reports, the innovation has been carried out by Grene Robotics, which specializes in offering AI backed security solutions for government agencies, defense, and enterprise. According to Uttarakhand Governor Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh, Indrajaal is an impeccable solution to the country's security impediments in the private enterprises, defense, and public infrastructures.

Singh told NDTV, “We will never forget the June 27, 2021 drone attack on the Jammu airport and the June 15 Galwan attack. At that time, we wondered what solution we had against drones and swarms. Today, Indrajaal has given us the answer and shown that it is possible."

The founder of Grene Robotics Kiran Raju has told the media that the company was founded twelve years back and Indrajaal’s design is furnished with a LEGO-like combination mechanism, which provides 12 cutting-edge layers of technology backed by AI. "The system provides 360-degree protection, with the ability to detect, identify, classify, track, and neutralize threats in real time. The threat lifetime can be as short as 30 seconds to a few minutes," added Raju.

According to the security experts of the country, there is an urgent need to craft solutions and protect national security because there were 76 hostile UAV activity cases reported in 2020. The volume escalated to 109 in 2021 and 266 in 2022 and until now this year 200 cases have been reported so far. 

Co-founder of Grene Robotics Wing Commander Sai Mallela said, "From low radar cross section (RCS) threats to medium and high-altitude long endurance (MALE and HALE) UAVs, loitering munitions, smart bombs, rocket showers, nano and micro drones, swarm drones, and more, we have it all covered."