iCare Cardiovascular Tester: Your Heart Attack Detection and Warning Assistant!

Published  February 11, 2021   0
iCare Cardiovascular Tester

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, killing one out of every three Americans. Every day 2200 people are killed by heart disease, and one-third of the cases showed zero symptoms. Addressing this problem, Cloudmed came up with a device named iCare, a small cardiovascular tester that identifies early abnormal symptoms of heart in just 60 seconds.

This mini device combines premium photoelectric sensors and electrodes to accurately monitor key health metrics. By just pressing onto iCare-Pro with both thumbs for 60 seconds, the device quickly measures 15 important health metrics, such as heart rate, oxygen level, fatigue, physiological age, etc. iCare-Pro also combines AI technology and online health service to provide professional analysis and consultation.

iCare utilizes cutting-edge technology and AI analysis to help users in improving their health. It’s a high specification optical module that analyzes changes of microvascular in the fingertips. The long standby mode of 180 days enables the users to use the device without bothering about the low-battery issue.

iCare Cardiovascular Tester

Key Features of iCare

  • Performs six functions with 15 different statistics on physical condition in only 60 seconds
  • Data is saved and uploaded to the cloud automatically.
  • Portable, highly efficient, and easy to carry the device
  • Measurement in 60 seconds with two fingertips

The iCare optical detection module uses the high specification of red and infrared light and on touching the electrode with the thumbs of both hands, a current loop is formed that measures cardiac electrical signals. Co-created by AI engineers and licensed health professionals, this small cardiovascular tester iCare can detect early abnormal parts of the heart, alerting users to seek preventive treatment and make lifestyle adjustments. Over 4000 users have received effective warnings of health risks; 40% of patient-users identified symptoms of heart disease and received preventive treatment, while the other 60% people are using iCare to maintain a healthy lifestyle.