GLAMOS – Device to create Interactive Virtual Touch Screen using LiDAR Technology

Published  January 22, 2020   0
GLAMOS - Virtual Touchscreen Device

Designed by an ex-Samsung engineer, Glamos is a motion sensor device that can turn any screen into a fully interactive touch screen with LiDAR technology. The device comprises a distance measurement sensor, motion recognition software, and a rotating mirror module instead of a camera. This mirror module can scan all directions without any limitations. It operates at 40Hz or 40fps which means that it rotates and captures motion 40 times per second. This enables the screen to respond to the user’s movement rapidly. The sensor measures the distance between the objects and itself and then transforms the data into a touch coordinate. Thereafter, it sends the coordinate to a display screen like your TV, mobile phone, laptop, etc.

GLAMOS Working Concept

It allows users to create a virtual touchscreen anywhere (wall, air, whiteboard, etc.) by projecting an invisible touchscreen as big as 6 x 3 ft. near you and lets you control a device that’s far away from you with a detection range around 1 m / 3.2 ft radius. It is a compact low power device that can fit in your pocket easily. The device can be used with any of the existing devices by a simple plug and play Bluetooth connection. Unlike other sensors available, Glamos operates on minimal power which doesn’t drain your mobile phone’s battery.

The device is currently in the prototype stage and is being funded on the kickstarter platform, it can be expected to enter mass production by May 2020. The basic model of Glamos is priced at $109 as an early bird offer on kickstarter. For more details on the product, visit the Glamos website.