Fujitsu Develops New Technology for Accurately Estimating Postures of Human Body from Point Cloud Data using Millimeter-wave Sensor

Published  July 7, 2022   0
Fujitsu's Newly Developed Technology

Fujitsu has developed a new technology to accurately estimate the postures of the human body from coarse-grained point cloud data obtained with a conventional millimeter-wave sensor. The company plans to deploy this newly developed technology at hospitals and nursing care facilities to support nurses and caregivers in visually monitoring patients and reacting to emergency situations such as falls of patients.

This new technology leverages an AI model for highly accurate estimations of postures of the human body and Fujitsu’s "Actlyzer" AI technology for analysis of complex human behaviors to analyze the movement of patients in detail before and after a fall without installing cameras in highly private spaces such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Key Features

  • Point group data extension technology for generating input data suitable for measurements of postures of the human body

  • Large-scale dataset and AI model to measure postures of the human body

  • Actlyzer AI technology for complex and detailed analysis of human behavior