Fujitsu Develops Network Control Technology to Minimize Impact of Cyber Attacks on IoT Devices


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Fujitsu Develops Network Control Technology to Minimize Impact of Cyberattacks on IoT Devices

New Network Control Technology that can securely operate IoT devices installed on-site

Sensors, IoT devices of the industries which are connected to networks in on-site environments are less authenticated, leaving them open for malware attacks. This may result in stopping industry operations. As, we are not able to install available anti-virus software on IoT devices due to CPU and memory capacity restrictions, many devices are exposed to threats from cyberattacks.
Fujitsu Laboratories announced a new technology that analyzes and manages the interconnectivity between network and IoT devices, based on the operating information collected in gateways, respond to any doubtful change in network structure. Fujitsu also developed technology to efficiently control communication blocks. This technology detects the communication by comparing normal communication routes, based on the relationships of connection recorded in gateways with the actual one.
Moreover, the impact of cyberattack is reduced by restricting the most appropriate network device which are used to manage by the gateways. Fujitsu Laboratories is going commercialize this technology during fiscal 2018, as a part of gateway functionality of Fujitsu Network Virtuora series of network product, offered by Fujitsu Limited.
Development Background
Now the boom of IoT is increasing rapidly, mainly in the industrial field. So, definitely, we have to think about the cyber attack as all the sensors and equipment are connected to the network. Cases of IoT devices getting damaged by cyber attacks have occurred worldwide, due to this a higher level of security is also needed to stay secure.
As we know IoT devices not support anti-virus software due to CPU and memory, even if we install the software we are not able to update it. Because update requires a reboot which is not executed as the IoT devices cannot be stopped while in operation. Due to this IoT devices are operating with insufficient security measures.
Old Technology
Existing technology Network separation by a gateway
Fujitsu New Technology
Fujitsu Develops Network Control Technology to Minimize Impact of Cyberattacks on IoT Devices


Features of the Newly Developed Technology

1. Topology management technology supporting devices with a variety of interfaces

2. Network control technology that blocks communications from suspicious devices


While testing it with a fake malware, the new technology block all the suspicious communication from unsure devices. And as the result this technology minimize the impact of cyberattacks when installed in gateways. So, yes it is possible to get a secure operation using this technology and can be used with existing IoT devices.

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